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Laura Allen


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Are you a Professional or Business Owner?

Do you want to make a change in your career or business so that you can start living the life you want?


Are you looking to:

✓ Break free of frustration
✓ Discover your next move
✓ Build courage to take action
✓ Regain your confidence & energy

✓ Live in alignment with your purpose

If this is you, please book a free 30 minute call with me to discuss how I can support you in reaching your full potential and goals.

"I have been working with Laura over the last few months and took advantage of her 1-1 course, whereby we really drilled down on where I get my energy from and what I really treasure in both my family life and future career.

This allowed me to become more grounded and pinpoint where my focus should be in the coming months, and also to re-ignite the passion and energy for the best use of my time; discovering new hobbies, and even starting a side venture."

Drew Bowditch -  Change delivery manager

Meet the Coach

Before becoming a Coach, I was Head of HR Shared Services and had spent 16 years working in FTSE 100 companies. I was a high-performing individual who experienced rapid growth in every role I did which gave me heaps of fulfillment but also eventually led me to burnout. 

I had wrapped my self-worth around my career as I climbed the ladder and it wasn't until I experienced a loss in my immediate family that I realised life was too short to allow my health to be compromised by a job.

My newfound appreciation for life started me on a Journey of self-discovery where for the first time, I evaluated my life goals first and then assessed how my career could help me achieve them. 

I am now happily working for myself running my coaching business which allows me to work less, travel more and focus on the things that are important to me such as my relationships, health and exploring the world. 

I know that most professionals focus on achieving career & business goals without considering that the career should be there to enhance and enrich life goals. This is why so many professionals find themselves in a mid-career slump feeling burnout and questioning their purpose. I get it, I have been there which is why I am here to help you rediscover what's important to you and your life and how your career can help you achieve more of it. 

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