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The Creating Courage Playbook

Courage video

If you are considering pursuing a big career move but are struggling to overcome the fear, self-doubt, and apprehension your mind is giving you, this masterclass is for you. 

Most people think they need confidence to take action. ​But confidence is the outcome of action being taken. ​What you really need is courage!

​I am going to teach you how to build 5 levels of courage, which, when stacked upon one another, will make it hard not to take action.

Why should you watch this Masterclass?

​I know a lot about building courage, having started a side hustle and successfully turned it into my main hustle. ​I work 1-1 with clients daily and support them in overcoming self-limiting beliefs so they can make big career moves.

In this masterclass, I will share what I discovered about courage when I reverse-engineered my own big jump from Head of HR Shared Services at an FTSE 100 company to running my own Coaching business.

You’ll work through a 5 step process to:


  1. Understand why you need to change

  2. Discover who you want to become both in your life & career

  3. Find the stories (limiting beliefs) that are stopping you 

  4. Delete the story and remove your self limiting beliefs

  5. Build the plan & execute

Start your coaching session

All you need to complete this session is an uninterrupted 30-60 minutes of your time and a pen & paper. 

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