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Gen Dit Content

This content is to help you navigate your mind and get you thinking about who you are and what you want as you go through your career transition period.

Week 1 


We naturally look to get our self-worth from external factors. Meaning we wrap it around the careers we have and having long term relationships we are in. The problem is, when those situations change, it can make us feel awful. The truth is, self-worth is an internal feeling.

It’s not the job title you have, it is:

→ A knowing you are a good person
→ That you can love
→ Be loved
→ Do good things
→ That you are good enough... Despite the roles you are playing in life.

So we must consciously be aware that we are more than our jobs and relationships and look deeper within to connect with that feeling of self-worth.

Self worth

Week 2

Goal Setting

It's common to focus on achieving career goals over life goals. After all, it is ingrained in us from the moment we leave education.


But this means we look to achieve


→ Purpose

→ Fulfillment

→ Self-worth


Just from a career.


Regardless of your reason for transitioning from the armed forces to civilian life, this new chapter is an opportunity for you to create a new life with new goals.


The feeling of purpose and fulfillment won't come from just a career! It will come from:


→ Life experiences

→ All of your relationships

→ Setting personal challenges

→ Contributing to a bigger picture

life goals

Week 3 

Types of Employment 

There is more than one way to earn a living and there are pros and cons to each.

Alongside the type of employment helping you meet your life goals, it also comes down to the type of person you are and how you like to be challenged and contribute at work.


→ Great for people who want routine, collaborative working, and regular paid work.

Self Employment

→ Great for someone who wants full autonomy, creativity and freedom to travel and choose when to work.

Choosing which is best suited to you starts with understanding you (week 1) and what you want from life (week 2) and then deciding what type of career fits best.

types of employment

Week 4

Discovering your Skills

The good thing about today's job market is more and more hiring managers are recognising the importance of:

→ A strong work ethic

→ A can do attitude

→ A willingness to learn

→ Transferable skills

The best thing you can do is recognize and own what it is that you can bring to the table and learn how to sell yourself.


Everyone has skills, some more unique than others but it can be difficult to recognise them especially if you struggle with low levels of self-efficacy.

Try this exercise and don't forget to ask people around you :)

skills assessment

Week 5

Self-limiting beliefs 

They come in all different shapes and sizes and we all have them whether we realise it or not.

If you have a goal, wish or desire that you are struggling to reach or see as a reality

Ask yourself, what story am I telling myself about why I can't make this happen.

I have a little saying that I often use with clients...

'Fact check your thinking'

If you can't prove it to be true, it's a limiting belief.

Get that bugger gone and go after want you want!

limiting beliefs

Are you ready to go deeper and discover your true self?

Check out the Chart Your Next Mission 4 week group training course and how it can help you with your resettlement journey.


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